Culture must always be a Commons

This is one of a series of re-posts from blogs I wrote between 2006-2012 since the site they’re on is about to be archived. This was originally published for the Collections Trust (  In case I haven’t already made it abundantly clear – I love museums, libraries and archives. I think that investing in professional Read more about Culture must always be a Commons[…]

Assessing Local Authority budgets

For good or ill, our public libraries are intrinsically connected to the Local Authorities that fund and coordinate them. The challenges faced by libraries are less about a direct assault on libraries themselves and more a question of collateral damage arising from the twin policies of devolution and austerity. This being the case, the financial Read more about Assessing Local Authority budgets[…]

Using impact to engage stakeholders – Carnegie UK Trust discussion

I was recently invited by the Carnegie UK Trust to address a meeting of the Library Lab partners on the subject of “using impact to engage stakeholders in competitive environments”. These are the notes of my opening remarks for that session. Using impact in applied environments I think there are two main ways of looking Read more about Using impact to engage stakeholders – Carnegie UK Trust discussion[…]

I can’t ‘get with the programme’ if you don’t have one

A peculiar new feature of public discourse about the EU Referendum and Brexit is the emerging theme that people who voted to Remain in the EU should ‘stop whinging’ and ‘get with the programme’. To which I would reply, quite reasonably in my view, ‘exactly what programme do you think I should get with?’ I Read more about I can’t ‘get with the programme’ if you don’t have one[…]