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Embracing change

We live in changing times. Technology no longer moves through 'generations' but as a succession of disruptive waves. How effectively your organisation learns to adapt, not just to current disruptions, but to the idea of ongoing evolution, learning and adaptation, will define your future success.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation isn’t just about choosing the right technologies. It’s about understanding the needs and capabilities of your organisation, developing a culture of curiosity and innovation and adopting an agile mindset to achieve your goal.

Culture change

Success is about culture and culture is about people. Succeeding in today’s environment is about building the right team, embracing diversity as a core strength, nurturing talent and empowering your people to achieve their potential.

Business development

Many organisations are finding that in today’s environment, business models that have seen them through the past 50 years no longer work. Successful business development depends on understanding where and how you create value, for whom, and how this can translate into long-term sustainability.

Strategic planning

Transformation and impact don’t happen by themselves. You need to know how to develop an effective data-driven strategy that combines clarity of purpose with sustained delivery and that treats ongoing disruptive change as an opportunity, not a threat.

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Leadership for changing times

Nick Poole is an exceptional leader with more than 20 year's experience of successful digital transformation and change in the culture and knowledge sectors. Nick has built an international profile and reputation, both as Chair of Wikimedia UK (the UK Chapter of the global Wikipedia movement) and as an expert adviser on new technologies, digital transformation and culture change for Governments, NGO's , funding agencies and leading culture-sector brands.

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